Best Drives in the UK – Part 1, England

There’s nothing better than taking your classic out for a long drive in the summer months. The sounds, the views, the stops along the way, they all come together to make classic car driving special.

There are plenty of fantastic drives out there. But for now, we’ve picked three English routes for you to consider based on where you live.

South – St. Ives to St. Just

One of the very best coastal drives out there, this 13 mile route through Cornwall is best taken in the late spring or early summer. It includes picturesque villages, moorlands and a lovely church called St. Senara.

The drive will usually only take about half an hour. That is, if you don’t stop. With the views on offer, we’re sure you would want to.

From St. Ives, head for Zennor, then down to Gurnard’s Head, Morvah and Pendeen, Trewellard and finally St. Just.

st ives

Middle – The Midlands Tick

At 50 miles, this drive includes a mix of long straights and tight corners as you navigate a scenic route that includes the outskirts of Nottingham and Leicester.

It’s called The Midlands Tick due to how it looks on a map. Before you ask, yes the route does in fact look like a tick!

With stops for famous pork pies and driving near two RAF bases, this route is a favourite of ours here at Heritage Car Insurance as we are based in the Midlands.

You can start at Bingham then pass through Wiverton and Langar, before reaching Eastwell and later Scalford. This can be followed by Melton Mowbray where you can get yourself one of the earlier mentioned famous pies.

Head south through Great Dalby, Thorpe Satchville, Twyford and Tilton on the Hill. You’ll soon join the A6 and ultimately find yourself on the B664 for the last ten miles until you hit Uppingham.

Once you have done so, you can ‘tick’ this Midlands route off your list.


North – The Buttertubs Pass

This drive is short but oh so sweet. It’s a stunning 5.5 mile route through the Yorkshire Dales that you may have seen on Top Gear a few times.

Whilst it will only take you 10-15 minutes, it includes tight corners, fast hills and wonderful scenery. Plus, there’s a nice pub at the end for a relaxing lunch.

Start in Thwaite with a steep climb before the beautiful views open up. You’ll pass the drive’s namesake, the Buttertubs, deep limestone potholes where farmers used to store their butter on the way to market whilst they had a rest.

The drive ends in Hawes. It may be a short one, but trust us it’s worth it; just not in winter though, especially if it snows.


We’ll share some more routes in the coming weeks; with more amazing drives, not just in the UK, but also abroad.

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