The Audi TT- a classic in the making

The coupe and roadster market has certainly been re-invented.

Over the last fifteen years the coup and roadster market has been re-invented or so with many of the big names in the industry offering tantalizing examples in one form or another.

Be that as it may, when German car manufacturer Audi decided it was their turn to dip the proverbial toe into this more glamorous side of the market it was inevitable that something exciting was on its way.

The design of the Audi TT began in Volkswagens design centre, California back in 1994 with a prototype version exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995. For many years now Audi had been seen as a conservative car manufacturer with expertise in precision engineering and so the TT model caused quite a stir on its release in 1998. There really wasn’t anything like the Audi TT with its styling reminiscent of German Modernism and its original power plant being the VW 1.8 turbo charged engine with 178 bhp or 222 bhp options available.

The Audi TT was further developed with the introduction of the powerful 3.2 v6 engine developing 248 bhp and with the brilliant dual-clutch DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) transmission already proving its success in the VW Golf R32. There are some nice “end of line” models out there that would definitely appeal to the collector, such as the special edition Quattro Sport from 2005 with its 49 kg weight reduction and power increase to 237 bhp from the tuned 1.8 engine . They also increased the power of the standard TT to 187 bhp in the later Mk 1’s.

What’s more the original Audi TT’s are currently a bargain on the used car market with average mileage examples going for under £3000 and low mileage example for under £4000. Surely it’s only a matter of time before these innovative sports cars become well sort after.

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