A unique policy for a very special Mercedes

This month, down in the capital, beautiful people and beautiful cars came together for London Fashion Week Men’s, the annual show now in its fifth year. Sponsored by Mercedes and a host of international names, there were a number of stunning new and old cars on show, including a lovingly restored 1972 Mercedes W180 280SE 3.5.

The car is a one-of-a-kind, kitted out with a range of unique features specially selected for the fashion show. It was restored by GQ motoring editor, Matt Jones, and used to carry international stars around during the events.

Heritage were chosen to provide a bespoke insurance policy for this very special vehicle.

The Features

As if Mercedes, London Fashion Week, GQ and international stars weren’t enough to be teaming up with, we were in good company with the car’s other partners too.

True to the fashion industry’s flamboyance, the Mercedes is fitted with a silk headliner created by Patrick Grant of Norton & Sons of Savile Row and has door handles engraved by gunmaker R. Ward.

The superstar car also boasts an Air Lift suspension and a sound system modified by AutoSound.

We provided a tailored 12 month policy to suit the Mercedes, which should also be appearing at events throughout the year, including Goodwood, before coming to rest at Brooklands Museum.

Why Heritage?

We’ve been providing specialist insurance for classic and modified vehicles for decades, but this is a first even for us. This is a very special car with a specific set of requirements and we provided the cover it needed to go out and star alongside a number of huge names.

We’re delighted that we were able to arrange the cover, something we pride ourselves on for all customers.

Regardless of whether your classic vehicle is original or modified, at a fashion show, or just for you to enjoy at weekends, Heritage can almost certainly provide a tailor-made policy to suit (see what we did there?).

And don’t forget, with our multi-car service, you can also add your household cars to the policy you have on your classic car, meaning more savings and more time to enjoy your pride and joy.

To insure your star car or talk about Multi-Car, call us today on 0121 248 9304.

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