50 Years of the Volkswagen Bay Window

Heritage Classic Car Insurance celebrate 50 years of the iconic bay window

After the first generation of the Volkswagen Commercial vehicle, otherwise known as the Type 2. VW continued the theme with its Type 2 second generation, unofficially known as the Bay Window. By now independent conversion manufacturers were designing and fitting camper conversions to Type 2 vans as far back as 1951. By the time the Bay Window was produced these company’s were keen to maintain this partnership.

August 1967 saw the Bay Window for the first time. The V front from the original type 2 had gone and so had the split screen, both iconic features of the original design. The second generation type 2 was larger and heavier with more power. By 1971 the Bay Window had a 50BHP engine upgrade with dual intake ports and added disc brakes for the first time on a type 2.

Late Bay Window

By late 1972 the type 2 was changed from what is now known as the early bay to the late bay. With squarer less attractive bumpers and indicators higher up as well as many engine options available. In fact by 1976 you had a choice of four engine displacements from 1.6 to 2.0 air cooled flat fours as well as an automatic option.

By the late seventies no more revisions were made to the bay window after 12 years in production. Volkswagen had made a multitude of variants from panel vans to ambulances and everything in between.

Today the majority of type 2 buses are likely to be for camping or custom models. These set the scene for VW owners across the globe. Modifications are a big deal whether it’s lowering your bus or altering the interior anything goes …. Well almost anything.

If you would like to know more about the Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Window please click on: Vital Statistics Volkswagen Type 2 ‘Bay Window’

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