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Evans Coolants

Evans Coolants

telephone: 01792572299
website: www.evanscoolants.co.uk/

Evans Coolants, waterless coolants

New to the UK, Evans Waterless Coolants have been in use for nearly two decades in the USA and 7+ years in China. During this time Evans Waterless Coolants have commissioned many trials to prove their products significantly reduce operating costs and improve engine reliability.

Joe Umstead, an independent trucker, operates a Freightliner fitted with a 12.7 litre Series 60 Detroit Diesel engine. In 1991 Joe had been having engine cooling problems associated to corrosion inhibitor drop-out. After replacing the radiator he was determined to find a more reliable antifreeze and turned to Evans Cooling for help.

Tom Light, Evans Chief Engineer, recommended their prototype 4LIFE Waterless Coolant, which was duly installed along with Hi-Flo Thermostats and Fan-Miser Module.
Since conversion the Freightliner has covered more than a million miles without needing to top-up or replace the Evans Waterless Coolant. Joe has been very impressed with the improved engine reliability and reduced maintenance costs, but what really delighted him was the associated fuel saving.

The Freightliner mileage log confirms that his fuel bills went down by more than 7% following the conversion, which in hard-cash terms equates to £3750/- saving for every 100,000 miles travelled.

UK Trials
Although Joe Umstead is Evans Waterless Coolants longest standing customer, there are thousands of other converts and many on-going trials with major logistics organisations and OEM’s. To establish the Evans brand in the UK a limited number of gratia Economax trials will be offered to fleet operators.

As Evans Waterless Coolants are already proven to improve engine reliability and reduce maintenance costs, the primary purpose of the trials will be to verify the associated fuel saving.

Find out more about Evans Coolants here or call 01792 572299