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    Insuring the star of the Commonwealth show

    Tonight, millions are expected to watch the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games worldwide. Alexander Stadium, fresh off the back of a 3-year rebuild project, will play host to the festivities, kicking off the 22nd Games with 30,000 live spectators including Prince Charles.

    We’re proud to insure the Jaguar MKII which will take part in this historic event, owned and driven by customer Craig Archer. Craig tells us he responded to an email calling for owners of cars that have a connection to Birmingham and the West Midlands, and the selection team ‘fell in love’ with the 1967 classic. He came by today to meet us in person and show off SD0 777 in show-ready condition.

    Craig and SDO 777 Jaguar MKII
    Craig and his Jaguar MKII, ready for the Commonwealth Games festivities

    Craig, who owns Heart of England Tree Services, says the cars taking part are all in patriotic red, white and blue. He’s attended several rehearsals for tonight’s performance, which includes at least one surprise that will be filmed by drones above the stadium.


    Craig Archer with Usman Hussain, his personal client manager, and SDO 777
    Craig Archer with Usman Hussain, his personal client manager, and SDO 777


    SDO 777 with the Commonwealth Games mascot
    SDO 777 with the Commonwealth Games mascot

    72 cars are taking part, to represent the 72 nations participating in the Commonwealth Games.

    Craig has been a customer since 2018, and works with personal client manager Usman Hussain to take care of his insurance needs. ‘It was a pleasure to meet Craig face to face, and to see the car that will be taking part in this historic display,’ says Usman. ‘It’s always great when customers and their cars are involved in events, and seems especially appropriate that a Jaguar should be chosen, with 2022 being the centenary of the company that ultimately became Jaguar.’

    The opening ceremony has been orchestrated by Steven Knight, creator of hit show Peaky Blinders. Duran Duran will be performing, as well as the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and a choir of more than 700 singers from across the West Midlands.

    The Commonwealth Games opening ceremony will air on BBC One at 7pm, and can also be watched on iPlayer. Be sure to keep an eye out tonight for Craig and his beautiful Jaguar, proudly backed by Norton Insurance!

    Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

    Craig and Julie with SDO 777 Jaguar MKII
    Craig and Julie with SDO 777 ahead of the Games opening ceremony
    SDO 777 as see on Craig's Facebook page
    SDO 777 as seen on Craig’s Facebook page