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    Heritage needs you… to nominate your classic motor trade heroes!

    We’re on a mission to shine a spotlight on the people and businesses who keep our classics on the road.

    Whether an independent dealer, a restoration expert, a specialist parts supplier, or your local classic car mechanic, we’d love to hear about the people you trust to take care of you and your classic cars.

    Nominate your classic motor specialist heroes, and they could be featured in a series across our website, social media and newsletter, reaching tens of thousands of fellow classic car enthusiasts who may have need of their services.

    “We know how many years of passion and skill are poured into classic cars across the UK, but those heritage skills are becoming increasingly rare,” says Mark Wilkinson, Managing Director here at Heritage.

    “The craft, dedication and experience of so many classic car specialists is what keeps our much loved cars on the road, at shows and there for us to enjoy.

    “Whether it’s a painstaking restoration, reviving a barn find, or simply getting the parts we need to keep driving year after year, we’d love to share as many as possible of your classic specialist heroes, and especially why you love to work with them.”


    Nominate your classic motor specialist heroes today, and let us know who you’d like to see featured in our series.

    We’d love to hear about any and all of your preferred classic car dealers, mechanics, restorers and more. The more detail the better!

    You’re also welcome to email us your nominations: