Heritage Insurance partners with leading GPS tracking company

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In an era where car theft is becoming increasingly common, the importance of protecting your vehicle has never been more paramount.

Heritage Insurance is proud to partner with Global Telemetrics, a market leader in advanced GPS tracking technology, to offer customers an additional layer of security for their vehicles.

We’re delighted to offer an exclusive discount to Heritage customers for some of their best trackers, and this will be music to some people’s ears as a Thatcham approved S5 tracker is a requirement on some specialist vehicles by insurers.

There are also other theft prevention methods you can take to protect your vehicle. Some of which will also impact insurance premiums, with a Global Telemetrics Thatcham-approved S5 tracker being one of them.


Who is Global Telemetrics?

Global Telemetrics is an award-winning, market leader in providing monitoring and recovering solutions throughout the UK and Europe.

They have a 95% success rate in vehicle recovery thanks to their strong collaborations with police and security forces.


How can Global Telemetrics help protect my vehicle from being stolen? 

Global Telemetrics has a 24/7 UK-based secure control centre and their dedication extends beyond just recovery. They also offer continuous monitoring, technical support, and customer service, ensuring your vehicle is protected even in the early hours.


Which tracking devices are available? 

There are three tracking devices which we are happy to provide an exclusive discount on for Heritage customers. With each of the devices, there will be an upfront cost for the device and installation, and a subscription cost which can be paid monthly.

Here is an overview of the three devices:

1. S7 Thatcham – Basic

This tracking device is suitable for you if you’d like 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle and receive alerts for unauthorised vehicle movement (without the ignition on). You will also have access to the mobile app for vehicle monitoring in real time.

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2. S5 Thatcham – Standard

As well as the benefits of the S7, this device also comes with a driver recognition system used to verify the owner of the vehicle, via mobile or a physical detection card. If unusual activity is detected, you will be contacted by Global Telemetrics.

The Thatcham-approved S5 is often required for some specialist vehicles by insurers including those vehicles with a value over £60,000, or keyless SUV’s such as Range Rovers. You may also qualify for minor insurance discounts by installing one.

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3. S5+ Thatcham – Advanced

As well as the benefits of the S5, this advanced tracking device is suitable for people who want the highest level of security. As well as the features in the standard Thatcham approved S5, with the S5+ you can remotely immobilise the vehicle from being driven.

A driver detection card will be required to start the vehicle with this advanced immobilisation element for maximum security.

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How can I get my GPS tracker?

Visit this page for more information and fill in your details to request your Global Telemetrics GPS tracking device.

If you have any questions, call us!

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