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    Enter our FREE Christmas 2023 Prize Draws



    Whether you’re a current Heritage customer or you’ve only just heard of us, we’re giving you the chance to enter our Christmas 2023 Prize Draws.

    At Heritage Insurance, we believe life is all about spreading joy and making unforgettable memories, even more so in the festive season!

    We’re running 2 Christmas Prize Draws where both current Heritage customers and non-customers have the opportunity to win the below prizes:


    1. Brand new Scalextric racing set (worth £150)

    A brand-new Scalextric racing set

    Feel the thrill of racing with this brand-new Scalextric set. Perfect for family fun and for those who love a bit of friendly competition.

    2. Custom drawing of your classic vehicle by POPBANGCOLOUR (worth £125)

    Win a custom vehicle drawing by POPBANGCOLOUR

    A unique piece of art to capture the essence of your (or somebody else’s) beloved vehicle in a style that’s vibrant and full of colour.

    Image: A Heritage customer’s car drawing produced by our partner POPBANGCOLOUR in 2023.


    Please note that this competition has now closed.