Top 4 classic car road trips in Europe

Heritage Classic Car Insurance take a look at the top 4 classic car road trips in Europe

With the season now upon us to take our classic cars out of the garage it’s time to think of where to go, hopefully, our top 4 classic car road trips in Europe will give you some inspiration.

1) From Paris to Berlin: CULTURE

First on our list of the top 4 classic car road trips in Europe. If you’re looking for culture and stunning scenery along your travels then the glamorous Paris through to the gritty Berlin is a perfect route for you.

For the paragon of style start from Paris and make your way through Champagne and Reims to Luxembourg City. You’ll find the culture here is outstanding, with folk festivals and events aimed to promote Luxembourg’s culture.

Make your way to Germany’s oldest city Trier to discover the ancient Roman baths and forums. Take your choice from all the cultural delights they have to offer before cruising along the Rhine to Rüdesheim. Although it’s been through the wars, it is peaceful and offers a cultural wine tasting opportunity to tantalize those taste buds.

After enjoying all the wine you’ll no doubt have settled for the night in Rüdesheim. Next place to discover on your list is Nuremberg for medieval architecture and compelling stories.

Finally, head to Berlin for the “poor but sexy” experience. A city which offers an incredible daytime spectacle, that’s complemented with a fun nightlife for the more adventurous side of you.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: if you’re into your architecture and culture, the route is overflowing with them.

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: 2 weeks estimate

Anything important you should know: As you’ll be starting in the UK, you’ll most likely take the ferry to France. You’ll need to keep safety equipment in your vehicle by law (including a breathalyser and high visibility vest), and we advise you to keep some Euros on you for the French toll.

2) From Bucharest to Vienna: OUT OF THE ORDINARY

From Bucharest to Vienna is number 2 out of our top 4 classic car road trips in Europe. If you want to travel somewhere outside the realms of typical tourism, to break free from convention, and spread your wings across Europe why not try a classic car road trip from Bucharest to Vienna?

Make your way to the start, the heart of Romania, Bucharest. It is absolutely charming though not overtly so. You can see the history of war with the deteriorating buildings however glamour is creeping through and is a delight to spot.

Continue on your journey for a 95-mile drive to Transylvania and visit Dracula’s castle along the way. If you enjoy a spot of skiing, the Carpathian mountain range offers the cheapest place to ski in Europe as well as scenic hiking trips. Stop off at Sighişoara to enjoy the views before moving to Budapest. You’ll need about 8 hours for this drive so it could be worth finding somewhere to stop along the way. Budapest offers the heart of culture and politics in Hungary with its Art Nouveau architecture and outstanding sights. You’ll find the food and wine are worth staying for and the history is truly a complex matter worth your attention.

A two-hour drive (120 miles) to Bratislava is your next step to enjoy some tradition and the River Danube. Make time to head to the Crown Tower of the Bratislava Castle to enjoy a spectacular 360-degree view of Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Time for another hour of driving to the romantic and bountiful culture of Vienna. With its intelligent architecture, and fine foods you’ll want to take your time exploring this city on foot.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: for something that is extraordinary and takes you away from the typical tourist attractions in Europe

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: between 7-14 days

Anything important you should know: The weather is relatively nice however prepare your tyres for the slips and slides of the journey. Don’t drive with speed, exercise caution.

3) From Portugal to Morocco: SUN, SAND AND WINE

If you’re after a tan, some sand between your toes and you absolutely love wine this is the classic car road trip for you. From Portugal to Morocco is number 3 out of our top 4 classic car road trips in Europe.

To begin this trip head to the city of Porto; famous for its wines as well as being known as a European City of Culture. Enjoy the waterfront cafes and restaurants before you make your way East through Penafiel to the vineyards and valleys of Amarante.

Amarante will tantalise your taste buds with their excellent cheeses, smoked meats and rich eggy pastries.  They also hold spectacular wines to warm up you up for the wine adventure.

Time to head to Europe’s wildest beach and most bustling seaside resort called Figueira da Foz. Popular with the locals, this destination will have your sun and sand cravings met.

Apply after sun lotion and move on to Peniche. It’s a working port so it’s full of life and attracts plenty of tourism. Enjoy the fresh seafood and the beach with all the activities you could think of at your disposal.

Fancy somewhere a bit more peaceful? The natural harbour between Cascais and Peniche is just an hour’s drive away. Ericeira offers a wonderful beach perfect for a rest, with 30m high sandstone cliffs to head up to for a view of the ocean.

Lisbon is less than an hour’s drive from Ericeira which is ideal for a spot of sightseeing and place to rest overnight and cool off. Following this, a drive down south to Algarve is needed. You’ll find incredible cliffs and beautiful beaches to relax on, but you might also enjoy the beach bars and entertainment too. For the wine drinkers, you can head to Cliff Richard’s wine estate for an introduction to Portuguese wines.

The last leg of your sunny classic car road trip ends with Algeciras in Spain. It’s a long drive and you’ll need to hop on the ferry. At the other end you’ll reach Tangier; a vastly different culture from all you’ve seen so far, filled with shops and activities, and bars and good good.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: for those of you who love a good wine tasting session whilst getting a tan, this is the perfect classic car road trip for you.

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: between 10-14 days

Anything important you should know: You’ll certainly need a high strength sunscreen. If you’re travelling on a budget then Portugal offers the most value for money.

4) An adventure through Italy: AUTHENTIC GOOD FOOD

Last but not least on our top 4 classic car road trips in Europe. If you’re foody and love authentic Italian food, you’ll definitely want to go on this trip this summer in your classic car. With specific places to eat at, you know you’re in for a foody treat.

We start at Turin in Italy, home to the classic car manufacturer, FIAT. Not only does this location offer architecture, culture and cars, it’s also well known for its chocolate.  Indulge and enjoy overnight as the next stop is Piedmont, the capital of the Slow Food movement. It’s not far from Turin, so not much travelling in your classic car just yet, but as it is renowned for Barolo wine and white truffles, you’ll find it a worthwhile stop.

Time to head to the Province of Parma for the best selection of cheeses, ham and wines in the region. Spoil yourself on the prosciutto and aged Parmigiano Reggiano whilst admiring the fact you are eating where Lamborghinis came from.

After a rest to settle your stomach (make room for some more food that is), take a nice drive to Florence. Although this city is small it’s vibrant and offers you true passion for its food. If you fancy learning about cheese you can visit Podere Il Casale in Peinza for a cheese-making demonstration while enjoying their fresh foods and restaurant.

Rome comes next but this is more a visit for the culture. You can’t neglect to visit Rome with all its charm and complex history. However, if you find yourself hungry head for Flavio al Velavevodetto , which serves seasonal Roman classics.

The last place to drive your classic car to is Naples. Italy’s third-largest city and brimming with sightseeing this place is your duty to see. With centuries of culinary skills brought to you in one location, you won’t know when to stop eating.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: Authentic good food from the heart of Italy, do you need any other reason?

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: 7-14 days

Anything important you should know: You may want to bring a few larger pairs of trousers with you for this trip. You won’t be able to resist the food and no doubt will have gained a few pounds upon your return to the UK in your classic car.

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