Three 4x4s you don’t want to mess with

Here at Heritage Car Insurance we love our 4x4s. From courageous classics to modern masterpieces, we adore the history of 4×4 production and the accomplishments they have helped us achieve.

We love a good debate about the greatest makes and models too. Our customers, who benefit from classic 4×4 insurance and modified 4×4 insurance, often join in and there really is no right or wrong.

So here for your reading pleasure are three of our favourites. In no particular order, just so you know!

The Toyota Hilux

Let’s begin with what’s become well known as the ‘Top Gear 4×4’. This was following Jeremy Clarkson’s failed campaign to destroy one over a number of episodes.

With us since 1968, there have been several generations of Hilux. However, the first 4×4 version, featuring live axles and leaf springs at both ends, didn’t come along until the late 70s. The world-renowned double cab came along in 1982 and the world fell in love.

The Top Gear team first used one for the North Pole challenge, leading Mr Clarkson to claim the Toyotas as the toughest vehicles in the world. He then set about bashing it, crashing it, drowning it and putting atop a building…that was then demolished.

As we’re sure you know – it survived. That’s why it will always be on our lists when it comes to top 4×4 discussions.

Range Rover

A 4×4 list wouldn’t be right without the Range Rover would it? Land Rover’s flagship model, launched in 1970, manufactured down the road from our offices and still going strong.

Designed by Charles ‘Spen’ King, chief of new vehicle projects at the time, it was originally intended to be a more comfortable passenger 4×4 with its all-coil suspension.

It was of course a world-wide success and a four-door model came out in 1981.

The second generation arrived in 1994 and we’ve since had the Sport (2004) and the Evoque (2011).

From airfield utility vehicle uses and the RAF to your greenlaning and off-roading delight, the Land Rover is a British icon and long may it reign.

Land Rover Defender

Speaking of Land Rover, this list would not be complete without the Land Rover Defender. Initially known as the Land Rover Ninety and Land Rover One Ten, this lean mean driving machine was launched in June 1948 and has continued to be a mainstay of British roads (and off road driving) for the past 67 years.

The Defender eschews the luxury trimmings of modern 4x4s, opting for no-nonsense straight-edged styling and a utilitarian interior. Its boxy shape, sturdy silhouette and wide panel gaps add further to its character.

Despite its sheer size and weight, its powerful engines and solid braking system makes it an excellent choice for your off road adventures.

The sad news however is that, this magnificent beast had ceased production in January this year. Nevertheless, with its versatility, off-road ability, and rugged determination, the Defender has remained amongst the best off-roaders you can buy today.

We’ll come back with some more of our favourites soon. Call us on 0121 248 9229 today if you need to insure your classic or modified 4×4