Thieves continue to steal our modern classics

Heritage Insurance report on crime wave on modern classic cars

Most cars built in the 1990’s and 2000’s included the most high tech electronic security systems available at the time. Today these systems seem to be easy pickings for the modern car thief; less so the opportunists, but organised gangs targeting the top of the range cars that are soon to be modern classics.

With keyless entry more widespread than ever before, modern cars are being stolen to order by these organised gangs and the vehicles are quickly shipped abroad. According to Steve Launchbury of Thatcham research, Audi A5s, BMW’S and Range Rovers are in the top ten cars stolen, along with Ford Escorts. Police say many luxury cars have being taken by thieves who are using technology to outsmart immobilisers or other devices that have enabled them to simply drive away having down loaded information onto blank keys.

Some forms of keyless theft involve equipment that is legitimately available for routine repairs and servicing, and a small minority of individuals are exploiting this to illegally access vehicles. Mike Hawes of the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders has said how difficult it is to stop this equipment falling into the wrong hands.

Experts are concerned that thieves may even be using satellite technology, issuing remote commands to unlock and start up vehicles.

Police have suggested that people install a tracking device to their vehicle to assist recovery if stolen. We at Heritage insurance categorically agree, which is why we offer a free Skytag tracking device to all our customers to help with vehicle theft.