The Range Rover Classic

Heritage Classic Car Insurance take a look back at the history of the Range Rover Classic, the first and best SUV ever produced “A Car for all Reasons” was its marketing pitch and it certainly was.

The Range Rover, now generally referred to as the Range Rover Classic  was launched in 1970 but work on this all new concept started many years before. In fact as far back as 1951 the Rover Company had started development on a more luxurious vehicle with off road and on-road capabilities called the Road Rover and then later in 1966 the 100 inch Station Wagon which was developed to become the Range Rover.

The more elegant Range Rover had in fact created a whole new type of vehicle known as the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) before the term had been invented. not only would it prove immensely capable off road it was also as good on road proving to drive better than many estate cars of the day, thanks to its 3.5 V8 engine.

The Range Rover Classic was indeed an instant success due to the fact that it was so unique. There was literally nothing like it at the time and it remained that way for many years, Motor magazine called it “a brilliant blend of compromises that does so many things well”. This was exactly why no changes were made to the Range Rover for 11 years, it really was a case of if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

In 1981 Land Rover decided to extend the range by offering a four door version followed a year later by automatic transmission. In 1983 a five speed manual gearbox was introduced and two years later the Range Rover Vogue received fuel injection. In 1986 the Turbo Diesel made its debut followed by the new flagship model the Vogue SE which featured air conditioning, 4 speed auto transmission, Connolly hide upholstery and electric tilt slide sunroof, all as standard.

The 1980s brought many advances to the Range Rover model keeping the vehicle well up to date with the times and also adding more luxury to the already well-appointed specification.

The value of the Range Rover Classic are constantly rising with current prices at an all time high, for example five years ago an original two-door, 1970s’ V8 would have cost about £8,000 to £10,000 in excellent condition. Today the same vehicle could be sold for £30,000 plus such has the appreciation for these incredible machines increased over a short space of time.


The 1990s started well for the Range Rover with a special edition model announced as a tribute to the creator of the vehicle Charles Spencer King. It was a three-door version called the CSK, with only 200 made it featured Beuga black paint work, new five spoke alloys and also introduced front and rear anti roll bars and the up-rated 3.9 V8 engine, It was the fastest Range Rover Classic that had ever been produced to date.

1994 saw the end of an era with production of the two-door model coming to close after 24 years followed by a special edition in 1995 marking the 25th Anniversary of the Range Rover with a Oxford Blue metallic colour scheme, chrome bumpers and a numbered plaque on the fascia.

And finally the last Range Rover Classic came off the production line in 1996 on the 22nd of February giving a production total of 317,615 cars.

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