stolen Land Rover Defender 110 Is Recovered

Skytag Success As Stolen Land Rover 110 Is Recovered!

Our partner Skytag has had a very successful week, returning a stolen vehicle to its owners. The GPS device was used by police in Yorkshire to recover a Land Rover Defender 110 in under an hour.

It’s safe to say since production of the Land Rover Defender came to a halt this year, they’ve become even more desirable. Unfortunately this has meant they’ve become more of a target for criminals.

“Land Rover Defender thefts are up by a staggering 75% on last year across the UK,” said Dr Ken German, former Stolen Vehicle Squad boss at the Met, speaking with Classic Car Weekly.

Spend an afternoon on a Land Rover forum or Facebook group and you’d have to agree. With regular posts about someone’s Landy going missing, many owners call to the 4×4 community to help find their vehicle. Unfortunately many of these vehicles are shipped overseas or stripped for parts before the police have a chance to find them.

Despite many Land Rover owners fitting their vehicles with custom security hacks and devices it seems that the criminals are always one step ahead. It can feel like it’s a never ending battle.

This is where vehicle trackers can be an essential additional to your vehicle security. You may not be able to prevent your Land Rover from being stolen, but at least if it is taken the location of the vehicle can be tracked, meaning the chances of recovering your vehicle are much higher.

Skytag offer a proven and comprehensive vehicle tracking device that can locate your Land Rover within metres, anywhere in the world. The Skytag GPS tracker uses a monitoring system which provides police direct access to real time location data.  This greatly speeds up the recovery process, with their fastest, record-breaking recovery time being 11 minutes.

“The majority of the time when the police recover a vehicle, it’s abandoned in a car park somewhere under a cover,” says Guy Topsom from Skytag. “The thieves are waiting to see if it has a tracker and if it’s going to be picked up by the police – so usually recoveries are pretty drama free!”

It was a different story last week though, when a Land Rover Defender 110 was stolen in Yorkshire. The owner was alerted by Skytag Nightsafe alert and after a20 minute police chase the driver was arrested. The Land Rover was then returned to the rightful owner, all within 37 minutes of the alerting the police.

Heritage works in partnership with Skytag, offering our new and existing customers a free Skytag GPS Trackers (RRP £249.00) on request. Annual tracking subscription fees start from £79.99 a year. You can claim your free Skytag tracker here.