Speed control concerns classic car owners

Tightening of speed control on UK Roads could affect classic car owners.

With the breaking news regarding the tightening of speed control on UK roads Heritage Classic Car Insurance investigate the speed control concerns to classic car owners.

For many years now when it comes to speed limits on our roads there has been allowed a margin for error, whether this is down to the slight inaccuracy of the vehicle or simply just common sense by the law enforcement. Well it now seems that this is to become a thing of the past

Police Chiefs have highlighted the importance of extreme accuracy when it comes to clamping down on these matters as they believe this will stem the rising number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Safety on our roads is of course paramount and we at Heritage Car Insurance are fully supportive of any reasonable measures made to reinforce this issue, but it would seem under these circumstances as classic car owners will tell you, an older vehicle may have difficulty keeping up with such conditions set upon them. This raises huge speed control concerns for the classic car owners in the UK.

For example a fifty year old car will have definite inconsistencies when it comes to speed accuracy and for many classic owners sympathetic modifications or upgrades may also have an effect on speed measurement such as replacement wheels that are often a different size than the stock version.

In Scotland it has already been announced that they are abandoning the discretionary allowance which had been 10% + 2 mph and have stated “any driver exceeding the speed limit by even 1 mph will be issued with a warning. If the driver then re-offends they will receive a fine and points on their licence.

Road safety campaigners are concerned that this will lead to many drivers spending more time looking at the speedo rather than the road ahead, and The president of the AA Edmund King has commented saying “if a driver strays over the limit by 2 mph, they shouldn’t, but it’s better they do that and stay focused on whats going on around them.

How long will it be before England and Wales follow Scotland with this clampdown? Surely this can only be bad news for classic car owners.