One of Britain’s biggest classic car collections

We all love our classic cars, no matter whether we own one or one hundred, each and every one of them is special.

This is still the case for Rodger Dudding, the owner of the largest collection of classic motors in Britain. With a fleet of 350 cars, including old classics and new supercars, he’s built up a collection estimated to value £40 million.

Originally an apprentice engineer for the Royal Navy, Rodger went on to invent a paper ticketing machine, which has since been renamed as the queue management system. It is still being used by companies such as Harrods and Selfridges today.

A life-long collector, 79-year-old Dudding started the love affair in the 1960s when he purchased his first classic, the Jensen Interceptor FF. Ever since, he has built up a unique collection of cars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Jaguars, plus pre-war convertibles and a collection of motorbikes.

Pride of place in his collection, however, is his father’s 1952 Morris Minor, which he considers to be his most valuable and original car.

Rodger’s catalogue of vehicles is considered to be one of the most important car collections in Europe due to the large range of models spanning a wide period of history. The oldest car listed in his store is a 1911 Vulcan tourer.

Among Rodger’s unusual assortment of cars is the largest fleet of Aston Martin Lagondas in the world, the rare model is considered by many to be the Marmite of cars. Rodger is clearly a huge fan of them, as he owns 24 of the 645 built.

His vast collection contains modern classics such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ferrari F355 and Jaguar XK120. Also tucked away in the garage is the Hispano Suiza Type 24, dating to 1918, a mini motorised Aston Martin and a quirky parody vehicle of the Only Fools and Horses van.

With his store continuously expanding, Rodger has recently funded a £7m garage development to house his growing store. The newly-finished development has a total of five floors, and is equipped with two purpose built parking lifts and round the clock security.

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