Saying Goodbye to the Heritage Land Rover


Launched back in 1983 the 90 and 110 Land Rovers were marketed not only for the their 4×4 utilities but for use in day to day life as well. The Land Rover 90 and 110 were easier to drive, required a little less maintenance and had a more attractive interior than the original series which aided its wider ranging appeal. Each year new improvements and changes were made to the latest 90s and 110 which enabled the vehicles to be constantly up to date.

An Adventure in the Pyrenees

One of the most prominent memories we made with our 110 was when we took it on an overlanding trip to the Pyrenees. The trip involved 12 days of travelling in a convoy of fellow Land Rover enthusiasts. Take a look below at some of the photos we took.

Competition Time

We decided the beloved Land Rover might like a new home, so we ran a competition to give it away to a lucky winner.

The Lucky Winner

When we contacted our winner Ian Miles he was quite shocked but thrilled at the news.  We were delighted when we found out that Ian was already a Land Rover enthusiast, as we could rest easy knowing the 110 was going to someone who would look after and enjoy it.

When Ian came to pick up his prize we spoke in a bit more detail about his love of Land Rovers. We found out that the 110 won’t be quite as lonely any more as it will be joining a collection which includes a fellow 110, a Series II, and a Discovery.

The Heritage Land Rover’s overlanding trip might not be its last as Ian told us that he is also a keen fan of overlanding, saying it’s a great opportunity to get away from the phone and escape work for a week or two. The more specific plans Ian had for the 110 involved use for more serious off-roading and difficult green-laning adventures.

After meeting up with Ian and chatting about our passion for Land Rovers it was time to pass the keys over to the 110’s new owner. Although we’re sad to see the Land Rover go we hope Ian enjoys it as much we have. Keep your eyes peeled for Heritage competitions and giveaways into the future, the best way to keep up to date is by following our social media which you can find by clicking here.