Overshadowed Classics Cars

The cars in this list are frequently overshadowed by their other family members. By no means are we discrediting them, or even looking down on these classic cars. Seeing how this is a very subjective topic we invite to share your opinion via our social media.

Citroen SM – Eclipsed by the DS

The Citroen SM was an iconic vehicle in its own regard. It’s celebrated for coming third in the European Car of The Year 1971 contest and being a sports variant of the beautiful Citroen DS. Unfortunately, a lot of enthusiasts see it as just that; a variant. The Citroen DS is often included in pop culture and tops many lists of classic cars, whereas the SM is scarcely mentioned.

Citroen SM
Citroen DS

Renault 12 – Eclipsed by the Renault Fuego

The Renault 12, although a commercial success had a fatal flaw that prevented it from becoming a classic for the ages. Even though it had unique styling, performed well on British roads and consumed less fuel, the Fuego did this and more. The Fuego deserves this lead as it was the first car with remote keyless central locking and the first mass-produced four-seater sports car designed in a wind tunnel. Even so, it’s a shame to see a car as handsome as the 12 overshadowed by its younger sibling.

Image of Renault 12
Image of Renault Fuego

Fiat 600 – Eclipsed by the 500

The Fiat 600 is a beautifully laid out car which claims the title of Fiat’s first rear-engined car. Popular in Argentina and Yugoslavia at the time, the more central European countries were still enamoured with the small styling of the Fiat 500. The European infatuation with the 500 led to its resurgence with the new edition being spotted on our roads daily. As unfortunate as the 600’s downfall is, if you’re lucky you can still spot 600’s attending car shows dotted around the country.

Image of Fiat 600
Image of Fiat 500

Rootes Arrow – Hillman Hunter

Finally, a showcase of an entire range of cars eclipsed by one vehicle. The Rootes Arrow group produced a number of cars such as the Humber Sceptre, Singer Gazelle and Sunbeam Alpine. All admirable cars, they are all overshadowed as the entire range comes down to one name; the Hillman Hunter. A 13-Year production run, a boosted image by its win in the 1968 London-Sydney marathon and an evolving style aided it in becoming the car that overtook its family in the Rootes Arrow range.

Image of Rootes Arrow Logo
Image of Hillman Hunter

Can You Think of Any More Overshadowed Classic Cars?

This concludes our overshadowed classic cars but that doesn’t mean these are the only ones to have existed. If you want to let us know what cars you think have been overshadowed leave a comment on our Facebook. In the meantime, if you want some more food for thought here’s: our list of lesser known classics in moves.