Morgan 50th Anniversary Teasers

The Morgan Motor Company has always been admired internationally for building fine performance cars. This is the case for the Plus 8 Morgan, that has only recently been added back into the Morgan roster in 2012. Since then, it has aided Morgan’s image as a bespoke coach builder, and we’re sure this is why Morgan has decided to celebrate this iconic vehicle with a limited edition 50th Anniversary Edition.

Morgan Plus 8

Morgan teased a new car to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Plus 8 model back in February, and this article seeks to compile the information that we knew before, and know after.

Morgan announced that its Plus 8 will no longer will be made with the 4.8-litre V8 Engine, to signal this departure from their iconic hardware, they’re creating this 50 unit, 50th anniversary edition of the retro-styled sports car.

It was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show March 6th, and it’s proved to be an aesthetically luxurious edition of the Plus 8,  two specifications are available: a Blue Speedster open-top or a British Racing Green edition with a soft top.

The open-top blue takes inspiration from the original MMC11 Plus 8, an iconic Morgan racing model. The Racing Green, painted in a patriotic green that’s said to have been the most popular for Morgans in its 109-year history, is described as a “traditional convertible”.

Jon Wells, Head of Design at Morgan Motor Company, said:

“Each design detail of the Plus 8 50th has been considered to celebrate the Plus 8’s significance to the Morgan company and its customers over the last 50 years, this famous V8 was a renowned model throughout the automotive industry in the 1960s, and has today evolved into an unrivalled machine, offering raw exhilaration and effortless power delivery.”


Steve Morris, Managing Director of Morgan Motor Company, said:

“This 50th Anniversary Edition is a fitting illustration of the Plus 8’s beauty and finesse, coupled with raw exhilaration and capability. Performance has underpinned every one of the Plus 8s that have driven out of our factory gates for 50 years and we’re excited to reveal the car in full in Geneva.”

These cars will be individually numbered, and each car costs from £107,500 excluding local taxes, so that’s £129,000 including VAT. Both right- and left-hand drive cars are available. The car also comes with a commemorative time piece, a C1 Morgan Plus 8 Chronometer Anniversary produced by British watch company Christopher Ward.

Morgan Grills and headlights

Each car has an aluminium dome on the rear, a reference to the spare wheels that adorned the original cars, as well as modern five-stud wheels that are classically champagne in colour.

According to Morgan’s website; ‘Each car will be individually liveried by Morgan’s craftspeople with graphic work applied beneath the lacquer for durability, and as a clear signifier of the special nature of the vehicle. Each Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition is also finished with a unique


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