Modified 4×4 insurance for Motor Traders

As a motor trader it is imperative to ensure that you keep up with current market trends and look towards the buyers needs and requirements for the best results.With this in mind to help you expand your business, Tradesure have introduced modified 4×4 insurance for motor traders.

The 4×4 market has always been a popular sector with a large proportion of enthusiasts looking at the modified option. This demand is ever increasing and in fact has crossed over in to the general car market so much so that everyone seems to want that more rugged look achieved by adding off road modifications such as rock sliders, suspension lifts and bigger tyres to name but a few.

Will my current insurer accept 4×4 modifications?

This can depend on your choice of insurance company. Tradesure Insurance is actually the sister company of Heritage Car Insurance who specialise in classic and modified 4×4 vehicles amongst other areas of expertise. Considering this, and with the 4×4 market continuing to grow, at Tradesure Insurance we offer this unique service of modified 4×4 insurance for motor traders to enhance their choice of stock effectively creating more sales for you.

Our specialist modified 4×4 trade insurance caters not only for buyer and sellers. If you are a repair or restoration centre we cover customers modified 4×4’s in your care. This also applies to valeting or tyre fitters. Unlike other trade policies Tradesure give you the freedom to develop your business without the rig moral of having to wade through lists of specific modifications just to get the cover you need. At Tradesure our modified 4X4 insurance for motor traders will cover any four wheel drive modification as standard.

From Hybrids to bobtails our modified 4×4 insurance for motor traders will allow you to sell the right vehicle to the right buyer with no restrictions to hinder your business. Trust Tradesure to think of everything.

Call Tradesure Insurance for a quotation now on 0121 248 9300 and get the flexibility from your modified 4×4 insurance for motor traders to help your business grow.

Why not take a look at our Tradesure Motor Trade Insurance website for more information about modified 4×4 insurance for motor traders