How to get into classic car restoring

If you love fixing things and you love cars, maybe your next hobby should be in restorations, a past-time that can, with hard work, make you lots of money too.

Classic car restoration is a passion of many up and down the country and can be extremely rewarding. Taking a run-down beaten up vintage and bringing it back to former glory will turn a handsome profit (once you’re good at it), but it will also fill you with a sense of pride that can only be found in the restoration game.

So how do you go about restoring a classic if you’ve never done it before?

Well, assuming you generally know your way around a car and tool box, the first thing you will need is an old motor. This is good, because there are thousands out there, just search online or pick up a copy of Classic Car Weekly and you’ll be rubbing your chin thinking about the abundance of choice in no time.

The ‘which car to buy’ decision is yours and yours alone, based on the challenge you want to give yourself. However, if you’re just getting into restoring, we recommend something relatively cheap, but that only needs a few things doing, allowing you to ease yourself into the hobby and get at least a modest return on your investment. It’s important to note that you’ll likely lose money on your first ‘restoration’ as you learn and make your natural mistakes.

Space is also important. You’ll need a large drive or open space, or a good garage to work in, with somewhere for your tools and parts, and maybe something soft to bang your head against when something doesn’t want to work after you’ve ‘fixed’ it!

Time is also a factor. Some restoration projects can last years and some never get completed. Having and making time is a big part of the hobby you’re taking up, but if you find that you really do enjoy it (as you should), then it won’t be a big issue.

A camera is really handy in restoration, as it allows you to record how things look before you disassemble them and begin cleaning and replacing parts. Then you can use the photos to help guide you in putting everything back together.

Good suppliers are essential in restoration projects as you need to get good parts at the very best prices to protect your investment. Click here for more on parts and labour.

Some vintage car parts are going to be hard to find, so developing a friendly network as you progress will help, plus it means you’ll become acquainted with some great people who share your passion for classic cars.

We have tons of great partners listed here on our website, covering everything from parts for specific makes and models to those specialist hard-to-find components.

And finally, patience! Lots of it. It’s maybe the most important requirement. But if, like us, classic cars bring you far more joy than they ever could headaches, the patience will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.

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