Future Classics

As defining a classic car is somewhat down to general consensus and subjective views, how do we know what will become the ‘classic’ of the future?

Sure, we can talk about absolute classics and modern classics, but which cars in general use today will become the classics of tomorrow? Well, we’ve been discussing this in the Heritage offices and have had a jolly good go at guessing.

What should we be looking at for ‘classic’ predicting?

First of all, we asked ourselves what do cars have that make them viable candidates for future classic stardom?

Beauty came out top – the best lookers are always worthy contenders.

The odd-looking ones are a close second. You know, the ones that are originally hated but build up a bit of a cult following and hit classic status years later.

Then there’s the desire level. Combine that with true beauty and you have yourselves a true classic. Everyone loves them, many want them, but only a few could ever truly afford them. That is, until prices drop and second-hand models start to do the rounds, with no depreciation in desirability.

Three future classic cars – potentially

How about the Citroen XM? Okay, they are not really that beautiful or even desirable for that matter, but the DS and CX both became classics in their own right, so why not? You can get one for just a couple of thousand pounds and this could be a contender from the ‘odd-looking’ pool.

Secondly, the Audi TT? Anyone? Still a regular on UK roads, TTs cost between £2,000 and £8,000 and we believe they could definitely be a future classic based on looks alone.

Finally, there’s the Rover 75. Rovers are always a good bet! They are abit of a fading business-man motor that is increasingly being replaced by the powerful BMWs and Audis, but they have a loyal following and could well begin to climb back up the nostalgia ratings in the coming years.

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If you’re after a classic now and you’re wondering what’s out there for a relative bargain, you may enjoy reading our recent piece on the top ten classics for under £5,000

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