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Endangered Classic Cars

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Endangered Classic Cars

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Four of the UK’s Most Endangered Classic Cars

Not all classics can attract a cult following the way a Ford Escort or VW Type-2 does. For vehicles less celebrated, disrepair and a lack of parts can lead to a steep drop in the number of cars licenced for use on the road. Here are four classics that are starting to disappear off our roads – becoming endangered classic cars.

Morris Ital

Image of a Morris Ital

Image by Thomas’s Pics via Flickr

Launched in 1980, the Morris Ital’s popularity declined rapidly despite its initial successful sales figures. This dip in popularity was caused by some issues, including its susceptibility to rust and a plain design that is very telling of a period of uninspired badged cars. The How Many Left database’s most recent stats show that between January and September 2018, only 35 were licensed for use on the road.

Austin Maxi

Image of an Austin Maxi

Image by Robert Camp via Flickr

The Austin Maxi, unlike the Ital, was not as disliked in its day. Praised for its spacious interior, the Maxi had a respectable 12-year run whereafter it was replaced by the Maestro. Celebrity Maxi owners include John Lennon and Snooker Champion Steve Davis. In Addition to this, Maxis have appeared in Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers and The Professionals. In 2018, 151 Maxis were licensed for road use. As with all the cars on this list, this is taking into account all the different variations of Maxis.

Vauxhall Chevette

Image of a Vauxhall Chevette

Image by Riley via Flickr

Identifiable by its drooped snoot and squared inset headlamps, the Chevette was launched in Brazil in 1973 and had its UK debut in 1975. The Chevette’s affordability and favourable reviews contributed towards it being the best-selling hatchback for three years in a row. The former car of the year is now a firm endangered classic; as of January 2019, there are only 257 left on the road.

Hillman Avenger

Image of a Hillman Avenger

Image by Riley via Flickr

Entering the UK market in 1970, the Avenger was a car influenced by other small saloons such as the Ford Cortina.  This is another car on our list that has been heavily badged and its history was riddled with name changes, from being the Chrysler Avenger, then the Talbot Avenger, to the Plymouth Cricket. The once popular Avenger has somewhat fallen from grace. At the time of writing, figures show only 283 licensed for road use.

Although their days could be numbered, these endangered classic cars are all classics in their own right and it’s a shame to see them fizzle out. But who knows, maybe we could see a resurgence and we’ll witness the Ital winning concours car competitions up and down the country? On the other hand, maybe not…

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