DVLA struggles with changes to paperless Driving Licence

Latest Update on the DVLA struggles with changes

On the 8th June 2015 the decision to replace the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence with an online service went live. But not without a few issues. The DVLA struggles with changes. The BBC takes a look.

The BBC website stated on 8th June 2015:

“Motorists trying to access a new system for hiring a car have been experiencing problems with the DVLA website.

A number said the system – which does not apply to Northern Ireland drivers – was not working properly, while some car hire firms had to cope with queues.

The changes, which involve the abolition of the paper counterpart, take effect on Monday 8 June.

But the DVLA said that more than 20,000 drivers had managed to access the site without difficulty.

From now on, motorists hiring a car may have to produce a special temporary code as evidence of their convictions.

The DVLA said it had been working on the new system “for months”.”

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