Driving your Classic Car to work 2015

Ever thought of driving your classic to work?

The daily commute to work, not the most enjoyable task of the day, even for a car enthusiast. Have you ever thought of driving your classic car to work instead? Well, it seems that some insurers are promoting this very thing, is it a good idea?  Here at Heritage Classic Car Insurance we decided to look at the facts.

I don’t know about you, but having owned many classic cars over the years I would consider them a joy to drive along with all their quirks and characteristics; and to drive your pride and joy to work on the odd occasion is great. However subjecting a 30-40 year old vehicle to stop start traffic in the pouring rain, standing stationary in huge tail backs or having to avoid the company car brigade on their daily death race to work, on a regular basis? I think not.

It has been implied in another article about driving your classic car to work, that you could save money by getting rid of your main daily driver and just use your classic car instead. This sounds like a bad idea and here’s why.

Classic car insurance is designed with certain criteria in mind, not to make it awkward to get “cheap” insurance, but to ensure you obtain appropriate cover for the risk that is presented to the underwriters and so assisting classic car enthusiast by offering competitive prices.

The benefits of a classic car policy are of great importance to the owner such as agreed value cover and discounts to limit your annual mileage, prove invaluable. If you were to drive your classic car to work regularly it wouldn’t be long before wear and tear gets the better of the old girl. As for the depreciation? There could be implications. This is why classic car insurance restricts your mileage limit, to protect your car and its value.

Besides, Classic Car insurance policies are effectively second car policies and again, this is generally part of the criteria, although that occasional commute you may want to do is absolutely fine, and the annual cost can be as little as just £10.00 extra.

So should I drive my Classic Car to work?

Of course you should, occasionally driving your classic car to work on a sunny day is great fun, so enjoy the experience, that’s what your classic car is for. I’m sure you will agree if you want to buy a cheap runabout to get to work then fine, but let’s not do it at the expense of the classic car enthusiast by effectively tainting the specialist cover insurance companies supply. Eventually the result may just be less cover for bigger premiums.

Find out more about driving your classic to work

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