Do you need classic car parts and labour? Look no further…

Need a new wing mirror for your 1958 Rover P5 Coupe? Or perhaps you’re looking for someone who can fix the gearbox on your 1967 Triumph Spitfire MK3? Here’s our handy list of classic car part dealers and mechanics that can help you with your pride and joy!

First up, in terms of parts, Vintage Supplies is worth a look and it attends a range of shows, allowing you to request certain parts to be taken along; a nice touch.

Europa Spares is also a good bet, having been supplying parts for over 35 years from its premises in Staffordshire.

Classic Car Accessories, in Greater Manchester, has low shipping costs and distributes worldwide, whilst the Old Classic Car website has an Old Car Spares section.

There’s also Retro Classic Car Parts who offer electrical components, parts and accessories, and if you’re a Heritage customer, you can save 10% on your bill!

Heritage customers looking for high performance starter motors for classic, performance, competition or kit cars can also make a 10% saving at Powerlite.

In fact, lots of the popular magazines have ‘parts for sale’ sections, as well as adverts from dealers that may have something you’re after.

If you’re in need of a specialist mechanic to replace a part or service your beloved vehicle, then Fix Your Classic boasts a number of professional restorers, including a Mechanical and Electrical Specialist, Bodywork and Chassis Specialist, two Paint and Preparation Specialists and a Fabrication Specialist.

Crown Classic Cars provide discounts for repeat custom, whilst C.A.R.S (Complete Automotive Repair Service) in East Sussex specialise in American classics.

There are many more out there and we would recommend asking around before committing to any particular dealer or mechanic.

Definitely a question to put to your peers at the next event!


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