Danny Hopkins comments on FIVA Classic Car Definition

Heritage Insurance discusses the latest classic car news with Practical Classics Editor, as Danny Hopkins comments on FIVA Classic Car Definition.

Earlier this month it was announced that the Federation Internationale Vehicle Ancies (FIVA) are lobbying for stronger guidelines around the definition of a classic car. Managing Partner of Heritage Insurance, Mark Wilkinson wanted to find out about Danny Hopkins’ comments on FIVA Classic Car Definition, so we caught up with Danny at the Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC.

A press release was issued which stated that FIVA are currently lobbying to introduce stricter guidelines around the definition of a classic car, however as far as we’re aware the classic car community in the UK haven’t been consulted, whether that’s industry experts, the press or the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FHBVC) . When Danny Hopkins spoke to Mark Wilkinson he said it’s ‘very dangerous to create a policy through a press release, because nobody’s been consulted’.

Anyone who’s a classic car enthusiast knows that it’s difficult to firmly define what exactly makes a classic, a classic. Here at Heritage we take a number of factors into consideration, most of which focus on the use of the vehicle, the provenance and whether you treat your car as a classic.

Creating a hard and fast rule for every vehicle is problematic. Sir Greg Knight who runs the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group said we need to ‘be definitive about what we do here, and the simple way of getting round it is basing your definition of what is a historic vehicle by what it says on the V5’. But what about Morgans and Lotus replicas, that could roll out of the factory tomorrow but would surely be recognised and treated as a classic by many?

Defining a classic is tricky, and over the next few months whilst FIVA continue to lobby for stricter guidelines we’re sure we’ll hear from industry experts and classic car owners themselves on how they define a classic and what steps we can take to come up with a simple and clear definition in future. Danny Hopkins mentioned that ‘All the editors of the magazines are getting together to think about a joint statement’ so we’ll have to wait and see what comes from that. We’ll keep you informed of any updates or decisions made, to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news subscribe to our newsletter here.

Managing Partner of Heritage Insurance, Mark Wilkinson discussing the latest classic car news as Danny Hopkins comments on FIVA Classic Car Definition what the full video below:

Read our original article about FIVA lobbying for stricter guidelines around the definition of a classic car definition. 


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