Commuters Of The Past

We take a look at commuters of the past that have become the classic cars of today

Growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s was a privileged time for the classic car enthusiast. Little did we know back then that our dad’s faithful daily driver would become the working class classic of today. 

It’s cliché but we all say it, “you don’t see them anymore” when we’re talking about the cars from our past. The cars your dad owned, like an old Cavalier or perhaps something a little more exotic like a Renault Fuego. Most of these unexceptional pieces of history have been sadly put out to pasture or gone to the big scrap yard in the sky. For example did you know there are more Ferrari 308 GTB’s registered in Britain today than Austin Allegros?Don’t get us wrong the good old Allegro shouldn’t stand side by side with one of Ferrari’s greatest success stories, but it does have its rightful place in history, doesn’t it?

So what cars are the commuters of the past?

The commuters of the past are the unsung heroes of yesteryear. The cars that drove your dad to work daily, that took us to the sea side on wet weekends so we could eat a bag of chips sheltered by its vinyl clad roof. The free taxi for when you’re waiting outside the night club in the freezing cold. It’s remarkable any of these old troopers survived at all! In fact not that many have, which is why today their values are rising! With poor build quality prominent throughout the seventies and eighties and an unceremonious shove from the various scrappage schemes the few examples left today are true survivors of a dying breed.

Here are a few examples of these classic working class heroes

Austin’s Maestro is a typical example of the commuters of the past; it was practical, roomy and a pleasure to drive, with over half a million produced. You may be surprised to hear that there are only a few hundred left today. The Montego fares worse with less than a hundred models taxed on the road.

The Ford Sierra was a great success in the commuter car range through the 1980’s with nearly 3.5 million on our roads through the decade. With less than 5% of these left, the once humble commuters of the past can be considered an investment.

These once popular cars are finding themselves falling into obscurity. The classic car community are now on the lookout for good examples of the commuters of the past to invest in not only financial gain but also nostalgia. With this in mind typical examples will fall in to classic car status when it comes to insurance.

Let’s take a look at just how much you could be paying to insurer your commuters of the past.

Commuters of the past – Heritage Classic Car Insurance Quotes

  • Ford Sierra 1.6 GL (1985) – Comprehensive cover £85.23 with £100 excess
  • Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 GLI (1983) – Comprehensive cover £88.51 with £100 excess
  • Austin Montego 1.6 L (1988) – Comprehensive cover £112.60 with £100 excess

The above quotations have been based on fully comprehensive cover, insured only to drive. The driver is age 45, accident, claim and conviction free. The vehicle being garaged overnight. A limited mileage of 3000 per annum with full use of a main car daily.

Heritage Classic Car Insurance have been offering tailor made packages for one or more cars, since 1965. We include both our in house agreed value service as well as salvage retention for all classic cars should the worst happen. With limited mileage and club membership discounts our annual Fully Comprehensive policy proves excellent value for money.

Keep your classic commuters of the past alive today and protect them with Heritage Classic Car Insurance. Call us on 0121 248 9229 or request a call back here.