Classics Collector – Nick Mason

Following on from our first collector, Chris Evans, we’re staying on home turf with Nick Mason. He is of course the fabulous Pink Floyd drummer, worth an estimated £75m and owner of around 40 classic motors.

About Nick

Born Nicholas Berkeley Mason in Edgbaston in 1944, the father of four remains both a musician and a business man.

In 1965, Nick and three other student friends formed a band that went on to become one of the most successful the world has ever seen. Albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall need no introduction and Pink Floyd has amassed quite a few pennies in royalties over the years. So plenty to spend on some gorgeous motor vehicles!

The Cars

A man with a penchant for the very best in Italian super sports cars, Nick boasts some of the absolute all-time greats.

In amongst his collection are:

  • A Bugatti T35
  • An Aston Martin LM18
  • A Ferrari 213 T3
  • A McLaren F1
  • A Porshe 962
  • A Ferrari 250 GTO

Apparently he has turned down offers ranging from £20m to £40m for the GTO.

Nick is happy to take his cars out and about. He attends festivals and lets us all drool over some of his favourites. The man even owns a Maserati T61 Birdcage and it’s to die for.

On the Pink Floyd website he lists his life in cars:

  • 1964 Aston Martin International
  • 1965 Mini Cooper
  • 1969 Lotus Elan 2+2
  • 1977 Ferrari 250 GTO
  • 1983 Porsche 928 S
  • 2015 Audi RS 6

As well as his music, family life and other business activities, Nick has a fantastic book you can read, Passion for Speed. He also advises a classic car investment group. Not a bad choice for some words to the wise!

If you need some wise words on insuring your classic motor, call us on 0121 248 9229 today.


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