Classic Car Road Trip from Paris to Berlin : Culture

If you’re looking for a classic car road trip from Paris to Berlin filled with culture and stunning scenery along your travels, then this is the perfect route for you.

This classic car road trip from Paris to Berlin offers you the chance to enjoy two beautiful cities full of glamour and culture. Considered the paragon of style, Paris is a cosmopolitan city brimming with fashion, art and literary heritage. The street life offers excellent cafes, bars and restaurants to try, whilst the range in architecture is something that is best saved for your own eyes.

From Paris, cruise your way through the slopes of Champagne and Reims to the absolutely delightful and scenic Luxembourg City. This will take you nearing to four hours (230 miles). There is always a reason to visit this city no matter what time of year. With so many cultural events and folk festivals, you’ll find the entertainment a true cultural experience. The city of Luxembourg is also crammed with European military architecture which reflects the very soul of the place.

From Luxembourg City, travel further north-east for 45 minutes (30 miles) to Germany’s oldest city, Trier. Here you’ll find ancient Roman baths and forums. There are 10 stunning squares and monuments to discover whilst, if you’re into churches, you have to make the tough choice of which ones you’d prefer to visit out of many. We’d recommend the Roman Imperial Throne Room (Konstantin-Basilika), the Church of Our Lady (Liebfrauenkirche) or St. Michael’s.

If you’re into your wine, then you may want to travel along the Rhine and pass the foothills of the Taunus mountains which hold the attractive Rheingau wine region. Here you’ll come upon the touristy town of Rüdesheim (130 miles). The town suffered wartime bombardment, so it’s now not overtly pretty. However there is a genuine passion for wine-growing in this region and certainly worth a stopover for a tasting session. You may even stumble on the Asbach distillery at the Asbach Besucher Center which offers a variety of local brandies.

Next head onto the road for another 3 hour journey (180 miles) to Nuremberg for a spot of medieval architecture. Despite World War II having caused so much destruction in the area, it’s survived and is absolutely compelling. From here make your way to Leipzig for a history lesson on communism and the first peaceful protest against the regime.

Rest for the evening and then make your way to Leipzig (186 miles from Nuremberg). Known as the New Berlin, this is a youthful, vibrant and creative city filled with excitement and yet still holding enormous history. You can still head out today to hear the 800 year old Thomanerchor, the finest and oldest boys’ choir there is. We advise you to stay here for a few days to try the beer and enjoy the quaint antique shops before heading to Berlin.

Berlin is just over a two hour drive (124 miles) from Leipzig. With its very own mayor, Klaus Wowereit proudly describing his city as “poor but sexy”, you will need the day to absorb just a fraction of the culture this city offers. World War II devastated the city, with 92% of buildings being destroyed. A lot of hard effort and thought has clearly taken Berlin to its multicultural, and arty atmosphere. You can walk around the most extraordinary museums or just lavish in the range of architectural styles offered by this once divided city.

Reason to try this classic car road trip: if you’re into architecture and culture, the route is overflowing with both.

How long will you need to fully embrace the trip: 2 weeks estimate

Anything important you should know: As you’ll be starting in the UK, you’ll most likely take the ferry to France. You’ll need to keep safety equipment in your vehicle by law and now also a breathalyser in France, and we advise you keep to some Euros on you for the French tolls.

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