Classic Car Market Predictions with Danny Hopkins

With classic car values reaching dizzying heights, Heritage take a look at the classic car market predictions with Danny Hopkins
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years (or been busy in the garage) you’ll have noticed the world of classic cars is no longer just the home of classic car enthusiasts and car nuts. There is now serious money to be made, with many viewing classic cars as the best way to invest your cash for a sure fire return; as with all things this increased interest in the sale and purchase of classics has it’s pros and cons.

With renewed interest in the classic car world, after years of austerity and scrappage schemes we’ve seen a boost in numbers to the classic car scene which has been great news for clubs and businesses. However some feel that the price of classic are increasingly so greatly that it’s blocking many enthusiasts out of the market, and many owners worried about theft and even driving their classics for fear of damage. But, the big question on everyone’s lips is will it last and if you are looking to make some money where’s best to invest you hard-earned cash?

Mark Wilkinson, Managing Partner of Heritage Insurance caught up with the Practical Classics Editor at the 2016 Practical Classics Restoration Show to get his predictions for the future of the classic car market. ‘I like to think there is still room to make money in restoration’ said Danny Hopkins, which makes sense really; as long as you’re able to complete the work yourself and to a high standard so you save on labour costs, there’s no real reason as to why you can’t still turn a profit. As to where you should invest your money in 2016? Take a look at our video: Classic Car Predictions with Danny Hopkins for some tips and advice from the expert.


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