Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Jaguar XJ-S

September 2015 we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Jaguar XJ-S.

Replacing the iconic Jaguar E-Type was never going to be easy, however this unenviable task fell to the Jaguar XJ-S. And so it was that as sales of the beloved E-Type started to decline, Jaguar were already working on something completely different.

Heritage Classic Car Insurance are pleased to contribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Jaguar XJ-S. Let’s take a look down memory lane at this big cats ever changing history. In 1975 the world was introduced to the all new Jaguar XJ-S at the Frankfurt Auto Show. This big cat was seen as a disappointment to the world as many thought the E-Type with its smooth curves and sports car prowess would be replaced by the Jaguar F-Type, an all new sports coupe in the same vein as its predecessor.

What they actually got was a V12 grand-tourer and a very capable one at that. Its hard to believe now with the 40th Anniversary of the Jaguar XJ-S upon us, that Jaguars timing to launch the car was not great, as in the wake of a fuel crisis people were steering clear of gas guzzlers. And then there was the styling issues especially after the alluring E-Type, it seemed to lack the aesthetics of what was commonly referred to as the most beautiful car in the world.

It appeared initially that perhaps the world wasn’t quite ready for this modern grand-tourer. Maybe misty eyed nostalgia had prevented people from seeing what was really an innovative look to the future of Jaguar, instead of remaining behind the times so to speak. Let’s face it, in 1975 the E-Type was now dead, god rest her soul.

The Jaguar XJ-S rode the storm through the seventies and actually improved with age by adapting and changing through the years. This big cat also found notoriety with TV roles in  classic shows such as The New Avengers and Return of the Saint. It seemed the publics haste to dismiss this grand-tourer was finally waning. Could it be that the Jaguar XJ-S was seeing a hint of success after all?

Jaguar started making much needed changes through the eighties with a revised V12 engine giving more horses under the bonnet and also introducing the new 3.6 high efficiency engine with better fuel economy. The introduction of a Targa top and then full convertible were welcomed by enthusiasts breathing life back into the overall design. In fact production was so much more successful in the 1980’s that in 1988 and 1989 it peaked at over 10,000 cars, a record for the XJ-S and a real accomplishment for Jaguar.

Sadly the roller coaster ride wasn’t over with the XJ-S still in production. In 1991 it was once again decided to make some revisions. With a face lift including a 4.0 litre 223 bhp engine Jaguar looked to keep things up to date, although they did decide to continue with the V12 as long as they could however performance had to be significantly reduced to keep up with stringent emission regulations. By the mid 90’s the V12 was finally dropped and soon after the last Jaguar XJS rolled off the production line at Browns Lane in 1996.

Retrospectively with the 40th Anniversary of the Jaguar XJ-S we can now say it has indeed proved itself as a true success, surviving hard times on more than one occasion and being Jaguars longest running production car ever.  This big cat stood the test of time and could go toe to toe with the best of them without doubt. Happy 40th Jaguar XJ-S.

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