Bruce Forsyth’s Mercedes for sale

Sir Bruce Forsyth’s Mercedes Benz E320 is up for sale and the price is right

Bruce Forsyth is a bit of a petrol head believe it or not, when he’s not on the golf course playing a round or two, he loves to go for a drive in one of his many luxury cars.

Clearly a fan of the big saloon Bruce Forsyth has owned many prestige cars including a Mercedes – Benz S280 and also a beautiful Bentley Eight in the past and has now put his Mercedes – Benz E320 up for sale.

Sir Bruce is now 88 years old and is currently on the mend after life saving surgery due to a nasty fall at home caused swelling of the main blood vessel to the heart. Once he’s back on his feet no doubt he will be on the hunt for something else.

His E320 Cabriolet is for sale via Black and White Cars a Prestige Car Seller based in Bournemouth. The Mercedes is one of just ninety cars brought in to the UK and is a ‘Sportline’ model which could be described as the AMG version of its day. It was originally supplied to Bruce Forsyth Enterprises by Normand of Mayfair London in 1994. Today the Mercedes is up for sale for £10,995 why not take a look, if you play your cards right you could grab a bargain.

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