How to transport your classic car

 Looking to transport your classic car from A to B?

If you use your classic car for car shows then you probably won’t want to keep driving around the country in the pouring rain from one show to another. The ideal solution is transporting your classic car which keeps it safe from other traffic, you’re not increasing the cars mileage and there is no wear and tear.

Most classic car transportation company’s pride themselves on offering the best service dealt with by expert drivers and car handlers that are experienced at looking after classic vehicles of all types. They also advertise the fact they will be on time all the time offering country wide and international services.

What you need to know

Be sure to use a company that has covered classic car trailers to maintain your cars condition throughout its journey. Open trailers can be cheaper but your vehicle will be prone to damage whilst on the road.

Make sure your driver carries the correct operator’s licence in order to transport your classic car as the company’s insurance will insist on this.

Check the transport company’s reputation amongst your classic car club members or friends.  If you haven’t chosen a company to transport your classic car yet, they may be able to recommend someone.

Make sure you thoroughly check your vehicle inside and out before and after transportation; this will help assess whether any damage has occurred while being transported.

Never base your decision solely on price.

Check online as most reputable classic car transport companies will have a website. This provides a full outline of what they can do for you, and you can check customer feedback from previous work carried out.

Make sure you are fully aware of the company’s insurance policy conditions such as excess and damage in transit, including any exclusions.


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