Award-winning classic car insurance with Heritage

We’re celebrating this week after winning an award for the way we use social media to help our customers and classic motoring enthusiasts up and down the country.

As a family-run business, Heritage Classic Car Insurance is full to the brim with classic car lovers. We like nothing more than to share our passion and discuss all the stunning motors out there with anyone who wants to be part of the conversation.

The Award

We won Best Use of Social Media at the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards 2017, which took place at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington on Thursday 14th September.

Judged by a panel of experts, the awards are designed to recognise the very best in technology and innovation across the competitive and rapidly changing insurance industry.

We were awarded for outstanding work across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Our Social Media

From market trends, modifications and changes in the law, to our own good news, top tips for classic car owners and a wide range of stunning photographs, we use different social media accounts to share and interact with customers.

If you want to see photos and news links, try our Instagram and Twitter. For the same content with more in depth conversation, try Facebook. We’re also on YouTube and Pinterest.

We are delighted that our social media content has been recognised by this award. It’s a fantastic way for us to connect with you and fellow classic car enthusiasts, whilst sharing information, insights and having a bit of fun too.

Get social with us

So, if you don’t already, please follow us via the links above, we would love to share with you too.


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