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Almost classic sports car definition?

Well, it’s not always easy to define an almost classic sports car. It’s a tricky question that we’re often asked at the many car shows we attend throughout the year. Just because your motor’s hit 20 years old, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a classic.

An almost classic car is a vehicle that doesn’t quite fit and insurance companies “classic car criteria” but is starting to make ripples in the classic car pond so to speak. All insurance companies have their own definitions of what a classic car is and so apply terms & conditions accordingly, this makes the meaning of the term classic car unclear.

A car made in limited numbers or a limited edition could be a classic even if isn’t particularly old, however a mass produced car may not reach classic status for some time.

A more generalised definition would possibly be a vehicle approximately 20 years old with some manner of provenance to warrant its credibility, used occasionally and always garaged, but that’s just one opinion.

Why choose Heritage Classic Car Insurance?

Whether you’re driving a classic or almost classic, we provide you with policies that don’t get in the way of enjoying your vehicle. We boast unrivaled experience and close relationships with a large panel of underwriters. Arrange a Call Back now and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Have more than one almost classic sports car?

Do you have more than one almost classic sports car in your garage? Check out our Multi-Car policy. Having a Multi-Car policy has numerous benefits, you can insure all your vehicles under one roof and one policy, with one renewal date. We don’t just insure almost classics, we also cover modern vehicles, vans, bikes, and even campers. For more information about Multi-Car click here or call us on 0121 248 9470.

Policy Options and Benefits

Free Agreed valuation and certificate – We arrange a specialist insurance scheme which offers you a free agreed value alongside your policy. Should the worst happen and you find yourself with a total loss claim, we will pay you the agreed amount of the vehicle less the policy excess.

Our policy covers you for club organised track days, hill climbs, rallies and sprints. This means all non-competitive events in these cases will be covered should the worst happen.

Don’t pay for miles that you don’t use. Our classic car policies will discount your premium based on the mileage you need. The less miles, the more discount.

Not using your vehicle currently and have declared it off the road? Our laid up cover offers you peace of mind whilst it’s safely tucked away at home with fire and theft cover at our exclusively low rates.

The option to retain salvage, should the worst happen. In the case of a total loss claim, you have the option to buy back your vehicle at the agreed value rate.

Up to 90 days’ cover for use in the EU – Travel abroad with no worries. Our classic car policy includes full comprehensive cover for use in Europe.

Optional European and UK breakdown cover. Not the best with a spanner? Leave it to the experts with our handy breakdown cover.

Whether performance enhancing or adding safety features to your vehicle, we understand that adding a modification doesn’t make you a boy racer. Call us on 0121 248 9229 to discuss your classic car modifications.

Discounts of up to 15% for classic car club members. The true enthusiast knows the importance of joining a classic car club. We reward your loyalty with a discount of up to 15%.

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