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Specialised Covers

Specialised Covers

telephone: 01943 864646
website: www.specialisedcovers.com

If you love your car, then you’ll be precious about protecting it with Specialised Covers

JULY 2016 OFFER: 10% OFF Specialised Covers Products

Whether you collect vintage classics or you’ve worked hard for your dream car and want to care for it and minimise depreciation, there are varying and often time-consuming lengths you can go to so your car remains in pristine condition. Tailored car covers are the perfect solution when it comes to protecting your vehicle from dust, seasonal elements and those inevitable careless accidents.

Specialised Covers

Tailored quality

Specialised Covers offer a high-end, bespoke product and are rightly proud of their tailoring heritage and commitment to quality. They only use the very best fabrics, which have been developed to the highest specifications, ensuring performance and quality come as standard with every car cover.

Specialised Covers do not offer semi-fit car covers, just as a leading fashion house wouldn’t offer an ill-fitting suit.

Specialised Covers


35 years experience

Established in 1981, Specialised Covers are the original manufacturers of tailor-fitted automotive covers and have maintained their position as the leading experts in the industry.

Over the past 35 years, they have worked with prestigious individuals including members of the Royal Family, well-known celebrities and sports personalities. The world’s most recognised luxury car manufacturers partner with Specialised Covers for their accessory covers as well as protective tailored products during production.

All products are made to order and individually hand tailored in their UK factory situated in Yorkshire, the heartland of the manufacturing industry. The result is an exquisite product that accentuates the lines and contours of your pride and joy whilst remaining true to the function of protection.

Specialised Covers

Heritage Customer Exclusive Offers

July 2016

This month, Specialised Covers are offering Heritage Car Insurance customers 10% off their bespoke, tailored car covers. This offer is available until 1st August 2016.

Heritage Customer Discount


code: Heritage10%

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Heritage Insurance Discount


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Terms & Conditions

Heritage Customer Discount: 10% discount on Specialised Covers products is available to Heritage Car Insurance customers only. Offer ends 1st August 2016.

Heritage Insurance Discount: 15% insurance discount is available to Specialised Covers customers only.