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Past Parts

Past Parts

telephone: 01284 750729
website: www.pastparts.co.uk/

Established more than a decade ago, Past Parts offers a professional parts service for a wide variety of older vehicles covering Cars, Trucks and Tractors, Forklift Trucks and other types of Off Highway Vehicles.

At the heart of the operation is Past Parts fast computerised system which holds more than 15,000 original and remanufactured part numbers. It can pinpoint the correct component, often from very limited application details. Their Engineering department offers a high quality remanufacturing service for Hydraulic Brake Cylinders, Brake Servos and Brake Calipers

Past Part’s unique part numbering system enables any individual component manufacturer’s reference to be quickly cross-checked and traced. If the original part has gone out of production, the system can also often provide an alternative option.

Past Parts dedicated team boasts a group of knowledgeable professionals, who have extensive experience in the automotive component industry.

Find out more here or call 01284 750729