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Noisekiller, soundproofing for your classic car or 4×4

“Saves you from those headaches and sore throats” Heritage Tested and Approved

Noisekiller produce vehicle sound proofing kits to the after care market with their leading UK Acoustic material. Proven and tested by the Heritage team, this product will save you from that sore throat after a lengthy journey with a passenger.

NK Group, which was formed in June 2000 to produce vehicle sound proofing kits to the after care market, trading under the name Noisekiller working with leading UK Acoustic material manufacturers Noisekiller researched designed and developed a range of sound proofing materials that can be used in Vehicle, Marine, Industrial and Domestic markets.

NK Group is proud of its UK manufacturing base and all the products they use in all divisions are made in the UK, ensuring quick turn round in their production department. Noisekiller are able to offer a bespoke design service within their range and work closely with designers to meet customer trends and one off requirements.

Find out more about their vehicle soundproofing kits here or call 0161 652 7080


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