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telephone: 01434 345 468
website: www.ibexvehicles.com

Specialist all terrain vehicles

The original IBEX was developed in the mid 1980s by John Foers, and automotive engineer and ibexoff-road enthusiast. Foers recognised that conventional main stream products weren’t suited to some of the extreme terrain in the UK. He set about developing the IBEX.  A high performing all wheel drive, capable of specification whether that’s as a 4×4 or 6×6 with a wide range of body and chassis configurations.

The IBEX has truly been designed for the serious off-road enthusiast. With long travel coil spring suspension you’re in for a smooth ride and with high degree axle articulation you’re able to maintain ground contact of all wheels over even the toughest terrain. And, with a short front and rear you’ll have exceptional approach and departure angles, and the vehicle weight concentrated between the axles you’ll have increased stability. The high driving position of the IBEX also ensures good visibility which is essential.

Current uses for the IBEX vehicles vary widely from the extreme competitive competition use to ibexthe high mobility load carriers. This is why these vehicles are available either fully manufactured or you can simply buy the body/chassis kits for self-build projects – meaning you really can make your IBEX specific to you.  Customers can either select from the extensive range of IBEX products or commission a own off against their own specification.

To find out more about IBEX simply visit their website by clicking here, or contact them on 01434 345 468 or email contact@ibexvehicles.com

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