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Garage Vac

telephone: 01270 653 100
website: www.garagevac.co.uk/

The GarageVac car vacuum was designed after their customers asked for the same powerful cleaning power made available to them for maintaining their cars, as they have with our motor home cleaners.

After all you spend a lot of money on your vehicle, and a lot of time in it, so keeping it in showroom condition makes perfect sense.

Dragging the household vacuum cleaner outside has always been an arduous task at best. Having tried the many wet/dry workshop vacuums it became clear that they have their place, but the very nature of the units design simply cannot produce the cleaning power of a direct air flow motor.

Space is always a premium in the garage so mounting the vacuum on the wall made total sense, but the problem then was how to store the tools and the long hose.

Inspiration came in the form of that classic child’s’ toy – the slinky – and the stretch vacuum hose was born. Only weighing a couple of kilos and yet being flexible enough to stretch up to 12 meters. The spiral design creates a cyclone effect along its length, propelling the dirt away.

If you are as passionate about keeping your car in top condition as we are, then you’ll appreciate the convenience and power of the Garage Vac. Get in touch to find out more by calling  01270 653 100 or visiting their website


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