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telephone: 0800 048 8863
website: www.codeclean.co.uk/

Car Cleaning Products by CodeClean British Manufacturer

CodeClean’s scientist (a car fanatic himself) has developed over time, the CodeClean System with car valeters and car detailers in mind. This range of specialist car cleaning products will allow you to clean and protect your car into the future. CodeClean car cleaning products utilise a specific ‘three step system’ thereby eliminating the usual use of a number of dissimilar and mismatched car cleaning products in the forlorn hope of achieving a satisfactory result.
Car cleaning has historically been associated with hard work and a lot of sweat… but not any longer. The CodeClean car cleaning product range has been designed from the ground up to be an Easy ON – Easy Off system. A job that used to take hours is now achievable in less than 30 minutes.

The CodeClean automotive range has been the preferred method of vehicle cleaning and protection of professional valeting/detailing companies for years. Until now, these products have been a closely guarded secret… but now the secret is out and it is available to everyone who wants to clean their car quickly and effectively. You can even use their car cleaning products in any temperature!

Find out more by visiting their website by clicking here or calling 0800 048 8863