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Clement & Boggis

Clement & Boggis

telephone: 01832 238350
website: clementandboggis.co.uk

Clement & Boggis specialise in producing parts and tools specifically designed for the classic car industry.

Clement & Boggis was established by father & son, Garry and James. Avid car nuts, they were disappointed with a lot of the parts available for restoration and modification. They started to use their design and engineering flair to manufacture small volumes of parts for specific applications that either weren’t available anymore or which fulfill a need for which there was no previous solution.

Then they started to add those little things that you hadn’t heard of before, but are a must for every project. The range of such CLW’s (Can’t Live Withouts) help people cut build times by weeks, reduce frustration and enhance safety and originality.

By request, they turned their attention to tools. There was a discrepancy with much of the available equipment for the serious restorer/customiser/racer. There was poorly manufactured products that would fail to even do the job for which they were purchased, or high end tools that were good enough to last a lifetime but made no economic sense unless you used them every day for an entire career.  What we want, customers said, was VALUE. Buying a tool that worked and lasted a decade was a better investment than buying one half the price that lasted a year.

So, here is the Clement&Boggis product range. It is being added to all the time and you are welcome to write in with suggestions for what you would like to see. Clement & Boggis do not stock anything that Garry and James wouldn’t use themselves and you can trust the items on this website to do the job for which they are purposed.

Visit their website to find out more by clicking here or call 01832 238350.