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Classic Oils

Classic Oils

telephone: 01296 488927
website: www.classic-oils.net

Classic Oils was established in 2002, and since then has matured into a company offering a complete range of lubricants, coolants, fuel treatments  and other consumables for all classic, veteran and vintage vehicles, including motorcycles, steam vehicles and earlier diesel engines.

In 2010 they opened a retail shop in Aylesbury, which enabled – for the first time – their wide range of products to be accessed and purchased without an appointment.  In 2011 they added e-commerce to their website, which enabled online purchasing for the first time.

The products stocked by Classic Oils provide older engines with increased protection levels, more consistent oil pressure and reduced sludge deposits.  In gearboxes and transmissions, a range of products is always stocked to suit every type of gear design and bearing material.  Most importantly, knowledgeable advice is on hand to discuss difficult lubrication questions, specifically as they relate to older vehicles.

Companies that they are proud to represent include:

  • Penrite manufactures a range of very high quality blends at their Forest of Dean facility, including some very broad spectrum classic multigrades.
  • Morris Lubricants of Shrewsbury manufacture excellent value oil blends for vehicles of all ages and types, including steam oils.
  • Millers Oils is another British company, with a wide range of lubricants including semi- and full-synthetics for classic vehicles and their famous Mini oil.
  • Castrol Classic Oils is a division of BP, and still produces many blends recommended by name in the original vehicle handbooks.
  • Tetraboost – the only source of tetraethyl lead to raise the octane of your fuel up to 106 if required!
  • Silkolene is a division of Fuchs lubricants, but has over 100 years experience in producing quality lubricants in the UK
  • Valvoline is an American oil company, which produces the popular VR-1 racing oil range
  • Evans produces a range of waterless coolants which eliminate corrosion and boiling
  • Hobbyweld supplies rent-free welding gases, ideal for hobbyist and DIY enthusiasts

Virtually every product requirement is met by these manufacturers for engine, transmission, dampers, steering boxes, gearboxes, carburettors, 2 and 4-stroke motorcycles, and others. In addition a range of grease products are offered for water pumps, bearings, rubber and other specialist purposes.

You are very welcome to call into their shop or order online or by phone on 01296-488927; you can also purchase from the many Shows and Autojumbles that they attend every year – payment can be made by cash, card or Paypal.  They are VAT registered and VAT receipts are supplied with all internet and shop purchases, and on request at shows.