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Classic Details

Classic Details

telephone: 07776 400 950
website: www.classic-details.co.uk

Tailored  packages

Your car, be it a Vintage Racing Car or Modern Hot Hatch, deserves the very best. Classic Details offer tailored  packages to each client’s individual requirements.

As a young volunteer at the East Anglia Railway Museum tasked with polishing the brightwork of steam locomotives at the age of 10, something clearly clicked and so began an ongoing passion for Vintage locomotives and motorcars which continues to this day.

Reaching adulthood Richard March was finally able to realise this enthusiasm and in 2004 he was fortunate to be invited to help a local car club titivate their exhibits at shows and exhibitions which inevitably led to requests from members to have their cars prepared for the shows and soon he became the go-to guy for Concours preparation. Of course, word spread and before long Richard was receiving requests from other sources to perform his fluffing services on other people’s motorcars, including one notable Royal request! His experience began to evolve with the development of additional skills and he even started working on modern cars!

By now a thriving part-time business the time came for serious decisions to be made and finally, in 2013, Classic Details came to be. Since then Richard has not looked back as the company goes from strength to strength, building a reputation for the sympathetic preservation of motoring icons, maximising vehicles’ appearance and making each example the best it can be whilst protecting patina where required to ensure history is not lost.

Find out more about Classic Details here or call 07776 400 950.