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Castle Chrome Plating

Castle Chrome Plating

telephone: 01384 214429
website: www.castlechrome.co.uk

Skilled metal polishers

Castle Chrome Plating, a team of skilled metal polishers and platers with more than 100 years experience of polishing, chrome, copper, and nickel plating.

All their work is triple plated. Castle Chrome Plating take all projects, no matter how big or small. All work undertaken is done in house by their team and treated with the utmost care and attention.  Their aim is to provide the best quality finish at the most reasonable price possible.

At Castle Chrome Plating, their aim is to give you a good quality end product.

  • Castle Chrome Plating specialise in restoration of Motorcycle and Car bright work.
  • They can give you a rough estimate over the phone or an exact price if you take anything in to them, you can also post things to them, and Castle Chrome Plating can then contact you with a price for your item.
  • All prices do not include vat or postage (if you require postage).
  • Castle Chrome Plating can also provide a rough estimate via e mail if you send us some photos.

Find out more about their services by calling  01384 214429 or visiting their website by clicking here.