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Brian James Trailers

Brian James Trailers

telephone: 01327 308833
website: www.brianjames.co.uk

Crafting trailers for 30 years

Brian James Trailers have been crafting an enviably diverse range of quality trailers for over thirty years since the company was formed in 1979.
Customer care and value for money are at the heart of their business. Motivating their designers and encouraging their entire team. It explains why an ever growing number of customers actively recommend their products to their friends and colleagues.

Brian James Trailers are believers in doing things differently and enjoy exceeding expectations which is why for over fifteen years every customer has benefited from the peace of mind of a unique 5 year trailer chassis warranty. Their recent development of a full range of commercial trailers has set new standards, achieving design quality and performance levels of a very high quality. As Brian James Trailers like to say ‘the difference is in the detail’.

Brian James Trailers are proud to know that every customer is treated with absolute professionalism and they feel it a privilege to win their customers trust and custom.

In meeting their own expectations, you will find their web site full of information and interesting features. Click here to find out more.

A product selector in the Trailer Range section offers guidance to the most appropriate trailers as well as providing PDF information pages as downloads or to view. You can contact them by enquiry form or send a request for them to call you when it is convenient and at their cost. Alternatively call them on 01327 308833

In the Gallery section you can see the many varied uses of their trailers over the years, or you can review topical and historical news relating to the Brian James Trailers story.

Visitors to their showroom and factory often praise their team for their warm hospitality and in equal measure, the depth of their manufacturing capability. Brian James Trailers look forward to welcoming you and to demonstrating the wisdom of choosing Brian James Trailers as the manufacturer of your next trailer.