Heritage History



Heritage Classic Car Insurance started out in 1965 thanks to the founder Chris Wilkinson. He was certainly into his classic cars then and started out as a door-to-door salesman for insurance. Whilst carrying out his daily duties for the company he worked for at the time, Chris came to understand that the most common problem that customers faced was the general level of service provided. Chris was certainly a bright spark and took this as a means to start his own company: Norton Insurance Brokers.

It wasn’t an easy start to the new born company Norton. Chris began working from home. As his new role took him out on the road, his secondary office was his Healey Sprite. He would often be sat on the roadside in his stunning classic car, trying to sort out necessary paperwork.

Chris was the first of his family to take on the insurance industry. His father was the owner of a cleaning company. This is where Chris created his second office. He sat inside a fitting room in Birmingham, whilst his father carried out local bespoke tailoring. It’s not the Harry Potter story some of you may be envisioning however as Chris’s father always allowed Chris to use his office for meetings.


Come 1967 Chris finally sourced his very own office. Based in Alum Rock, Birmingham, this office is where the magic began to happen. Chris saw the gap in the market for a specialised classic car policy. No need to lumber it as a general car, when the mileage and use was so different, why not bring down the risks. Chris arranged for meetings with a reputable underwrites and soon enough in mid 1967, the classic car scheme was created using the Heritage Classic Car Insurance brand name.

As with all businesses, if one succeeds, others follow. Chris saw competitors pop up left, right and center. The market grew at a vast rate and Chris had to adapt and alter his business model over the years in order to keep Heritage Classic Car Insurance alive and well over the years. Where other insurance brokers were sold to larger insurers, Chris always wanted to protect the business as his own. He always kept the business and by the time his son, Mark joined, it was safe and sound ready for his participation.

Since Mark Wilkinson joined the company, Heritage has been undergoing a transformation. Unlike when Chris started back in 1965, where door-to-door insurance sales was normal, these days most of insurance is discovered online or in magazines. Mark has a history within the digital sector so he’s brought his expertise along to help Heritage Insurance Brokers join the movement.