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Classic Friendly

Classic Friendly LogoUnfortunately sometimes the worst does happen and when it does, it’s understandable you would like a repair centre that not only appreciates the time and love you have invested but also has the knowledge to repair you car; including those idiosyncratic features that we love about them. We are proud to be the first broker to partner with Classic Friendly, whose unique service connects classic car owners with a garage specialising in the restoration or repair of classic cars and vehicles.

Ensuring your classic is restored to its pre-accident condition is our goal. If you would like to have your classic car repaired by a specialist, call Classic Friendly on 01694 722626 and they will help you get your classic car to the garage it deserves.

About Classic Friendly

Founded by Fuzz Townshend, TV’s ‘Car SOS’ presenter and former Practical Classics magazine Technical Editor, and Lee Reynolds, owner of Longmynd Classic, Classic Friendly was created to link you, a classic car owner, with the right specialist garage to repair your classic car.

Classic Friendly have access to extensive list of specialists around the country whose experience and knowledge of classic cars is second to none. Being part of the Classic Friendly network means you have peace of mind and comfort of knowing any repairs to your classic vehicle are being carried out by genuine enthusiasts with years of experience. All of the specialist garages who are members of the Classic Friendly network are quality assured and monitored to ensure their customers are happy and repairs are carried out to the high standards you demand.

Thinking of buying your first classic car or selling your classic car, Classic Friendly also offer a service where you can have a classic car inspected by one of their specialists. They will provide you with a report that you can use, if you are buying, to decide whether to invest or walk away and if you are selling, give a reassurance to your prospective buyer that the car you are selling is exactly as you describe it.

For more information about the services offered by Classic Friendly, visit their website at www.classicfriendly.co.uk or call them on 01694 722626.

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