Checking your vehicle before a May Bank Holiday road trip

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As with any bank holiday, the roads will undoubtedly fill up on 2nd May as people from all over the UK get behind the wheel and make the most of their day off. If the Easter Bank Holiday is anything to go by, it could be a very busy occasion, so it’s best to be prepared.

It’s important for drivers to make sure their vehicles are up to the task before setting off on any journeys, no matter how short. To reduce the number of road incidents, the RAC has put together some great advice for drivers on how to prepare their car for a journey using the handy acronym FORCES.

FORCES stands for: Fuel, Oil, Rubber, Coolant, Electrics, and Screen wash.


FORCES advice on preparing your car for a journey. Information from the RAC
Information from: RAC.co.uk


  • Fuel: Check you have enough fuel in the tank for your journey. Bear in mind that you often use more fuel in heavy traffic and start/stop conditions.
  • Oil: Check your engine oil level and top up where necessary.
  • Rubber: Make sure your tyres have at least 3mm of tread and are inflated to an appropriate level. You should also ensure the rubber on your wiper blades is functioning correctly and not worn away.
  • Coolant: Check that your coolant is at the recommended level and contains the correct amount of antifreeze.
  • Electrics: Make sure your indicators, brake lights, fog lights and headlights are all working correctly, and replace any faulty bulbs.
  • Screen wash: Top up your windscreen washer fluid if necessary.


Although there hasn’t yet been an estimate released on the number of expected road trips, this Bank Holiday will likely be a busy one thanks to some lovely weather on the horizon.

As always, it’s important for drivers with planned trips to keep up to date with the latest traffic updates ahead of their journey, and ensure their cars are in a fit state to travel.

If you’re looking for a road trip destination but haven’t found your perfect spot yet, why not take a look at our Top 12 British Driving Routes for inspiration? Safe travels!


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